Month: November 2021

The Venture Builder Blog


Fractaal is a social network cluster formed by several specific semantic networks. Vertical Social networks are starting to emerge as a response to the need for spaces where users can interact and socialize with people who share their interests.  Fractaal can be adapted to various markets or topics, resulting in a conglomerate of exclusive Subnets…
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Podium Dedication (Tradenergy)

Podium is a Portuguese Startup that is a result of The Venture Builder´s innovative Softlanding Program of TradEnergy, from Brazilian origin. The Venture Builder´s Softlanding is a tailor-made program to help startups and scaleups enter the European markets. Is an Program that helps startups quickly adapt to the European markets by understanding how to do…
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BestRide (APP+WEB platform) is a new sales channel to solve various problems in the tourism and cultural entertainment services, affecting clients, professionals, residents, businesses, city halls, authorities like the police, Government, traffic and consequent pollution levels. It includes training, specialized publications (B2B/B2C) and a marketplace. In the catalogue, where professionals can build and show their…
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