Getting ready to scale in Europe?

Getting ready to scale in Europe?

Scaling too fast or too soon might be the number one reason why startups, eventually will not cross the so-called “Death Valley”. If demand from overseas is already outstripping supply, or you’ve identified new opportunities to take market share from competitors, then that’s a good sign that you’re ready to scale to other markets.

Non-European Startups face some difficulties entering the European markets, especially when it comes to matching the “European Investors” requirements.   With our workshops, you will be able to overcome these challenges and get ready to enter the European Markets, by using Portugal as a gateway.  By attending not only you’ll Assess your Readiness but also you will get hands-on experience in Doing your Market Validation in Europe, Creating your Value Proposition, or even Building your  European Action Plan.

The hands-on methodology is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to reach your goals. By actively learning about each step, you will use the new skills you are learning in the safest environment possible. 

  1. Assessing your Preparation to enter the European Markets

By attending the workshop, not only you will assess your preparation to enter the European Markets, but also it will guide you for the next steps.  Join the workshop here.  

2. Doing Market Validation in Europe

Being in a different environment there are some steps you should know about market validation in Europe. In this workshop, we will focus on how you can validate your Business Model in the European Markets as well. Creating value is a significant step towards that goal.  Join the workshop here

3. Creating a European INVESTOR Value Proposition

European Investors can be different from other elsewhere investors.   We will guide you through that opportunity.  Together we will develop your Funding Plan, adapt your plan to European Markets and lead you in creating a value proposition for European Investors.  Join the workshop here

4. Best Practices European Pitch

There is no way to deny that knowing how to pitch it’s a needed skill to make your Startup known out there. To make sure you are prepared to do it here, you will learn how to make the essentials of a “European” Pitch-Deck.  Join the workshop here.  

5. Building a European Action Plan

What is your roadmap schedule? Now that you have done your scoring evaluation and learned about the European Market let’s prepare your roadmap. Together we will build your European Action Plan step by step to take to enter the market.

Join the workshop here

6. How to Get the Most out of the WEB SUMMIT 2022

Last but not least Web Summit is the largest technology entrepreneurship conference in the world. And it happens here in Lisbon, Portugal. From November 1-4, the action happens here. Before the moment arrives you will learn about what awaits you in Portugal and how to take advantage of it, including fundraising opportunities. With our workshop, you will get a hands-on experience and will get ready. Join the workshop here


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