Month: July 2022

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Reaching a Market Validation, a softlanding approach

Get Ready to Scale Up in Europe Let’s get back to the basics. If you have read the startup bible – Lean startup Book –  you will get a clear understanding that before you bring your idea to the market and check its viability, you need to test and validate if your customer is ready…
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Softlanding for Investors: Investing Opportunities in Europe with Portugal as a gateway

Enroll now for the next Unicorns, ask for the Pitch decks! You are considering investing in Portuguese Startups but do not know where to start?  Then you should join us on July 14th. In this Webinar, we’ll try to answer this question “Why Portugal is now, one of the best locations to invest in startups…
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Softlanding Workshops

Softlanding Workshops are now open: Market Validation, creation of Value Proposition Investor, Action Plan, New Chances for Startups in the European Market With our workshops you will be fully equipped to overcome the European challenges and be ready to enter the European market, using Portugal as a gateway. In these workshops, you will be able…
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