Road 2 Web Summit is coming back!

Road 2 Web Summit is coming back!

The Road 2 Web Summit is coming for its seventh year supporting startups.  Startup Portugal partnered with Web Summit to find the best homegrown 100 startups to represent the Portuguese ecosystem during the conference.  The program provides intensive preparation in a two-day Bootcamp where you learn all you need to be prepared for the Web Summit. 

Are you Ready? Road 2 Web Summit has already helped more than 670 startups. 

To be selected your startup must be:

  • be part of the group that will represent Portugal at the Web Summit;
  • participate in the Bootcamp that will take place in October;
  • get your Alpha Pack for the Web Summit with a 50% discount;
  • be eligible for a full discount in case you’re an afro-descendant, woman, Ukrainian, or Impact startup founder.

Meanwhile have a look at our WebSummit Mission and book your place. Early Bird tickets available right now! 

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