WebSummit Mission 2022 –  Open Innovation Webinars now  scheduled

WebSummit Mission 2022 –  Open Innovation Webinars now  scheduled

One of the highlights of this year ́s WebSummit Mission 2022  will be our Open Innovation Programs matching great startups with European companies and investors.  Over the coming weeks, we will be running the  WebSummit Open Innovation Series Webinars  as pre-WebSummit preparations. 

Book your agenda for the 15th Tourism Open Innovation. 16th the Health Open Innovation,  22th the Auto Open Innovation, 23th the Habitat   Open Innovation, 28th the AgroFood Open Innovation , 29th the  Mining Open Innovation, 30th the   Cluster Textil, Fashion  Open Innovation,  

Topics to be covered will be our phenomenal  WebSummit Mission  2022,  fundraising available in Portugal, opportunities to test and validate its business model, or how open innovation can reduce time-to-market for new products, increase competitive advantage of all involved stakeholders. Opportunities for Scaling up into the European Markets if you create your startup in Portugal will be addressed as well. 

If you have not decided yet to come to the WebSummit Mission  2022, these Webinars will make up your mind!   On top of that, We are running an Early Bird for WebSummit Mission   until 15th September, what are you waiting for ? 

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