Corporate Innovation Hub

Corporate Innovation Hub

By implementing open innovation programs, Corporates will have access to these great benefits:

▪ Solving strategic or operational “problems”;

▪ Reducing time-to-market for new products;

▪ Increase Value for your brand;

▪ Increase competitive advantage;

▪ Implementing Innovation in a very cost-competitive way

▪ Increase Customer satisfaction and its loyalty;

▪ Create new revenue streams;

▪ Capture talent from startups.

On this coming 3rd of October, we will host a Webinar  where we will launch the  Corporate Innovation Hub Program, integrated in the Web Summit Mission 2022. We will also announce the new Softlanding Promotions available for startups that will be present at the Web Summit Mission 2022, Funds that will be available for startups, and how Portugal is making a paradigm shift in the post-pandemic, with bets on the Circular Economy , in the Digital Transition and with the Climate Transition.

One of the highlights of this year ́s Web Summit Mission will be our Open Innovation Programs matching great startups with European companies and investors. Over the coming weeks, we will be running the Web Summit Open Innovation Series Webinars as pre-WebSummit preparations.

The largest tech entrepreneurship conference on the planet is going to happen here, in Lisbon, from November 1st to 4th this year. Before that moment arrives, you will learn about everything that awaits you here in Portugal and how to make the most of it, including fundraising opportunities. With our workshops, before you even come to the event, you will get hands-on experience and be fully ready for the event. Sign up for the Web Summit Mission

Get ready to attend the largest technology entrepreneurship conference on the planet! Lectures, activities, exchange of experiences, and networking are some of the advantages provided to our participants. Founders and CEOs of companies, growing startups, organizational leaders, and decision-makers come together to chart the new directions of technology entrepreneurship.

In short, this year’s conference will bring over 100,000 attendees, 1,000 speakers, over 1,000 investors, 1,250+ startups, over 1,500 journalists, and over 170 countries that will be represented in Lisbon.

Take advantage now of our Early Bird Prices Web Summit Mission  only until September 30th. Then prices will go up!   Have a look at our Workshops as well. 

Enroll now in our Webinar! and get to know our Corporate Innovation Hub Program.


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