Survivel Guide: Web Summit 2022 Side Events

Survivel Guide: Web Summit 2022 Side Events

Web Summit Lisbon 2022 returns for the seventh year to the Portuguese capital. The largest technology conference takes place annually in November for four days and brings together founders, CEO of technology companies, startups, public figures, politicians, and heads of state to answer one question. 

However, did you know that besides Web Summit more side events are going on? We leave here a list of the events happening during the week so you don’t miss a thing.

Are you ready? Which event will we find you at?

Check out the list:

  1. Women in Web3
  2. Cool Off
  3. XCROW and OxygenChain Bairro Alto Bash!
  4. Creators in Web3 – Meetup @ Lisbon
  5. Web3 Security w/ Consensys Diligence, Immunefi, Hacken & Halborn
  6. Live My Fire’ @ the Groove House – 30th October
  8. “Pay No Attention To The Woman Behind The Curtain”
  9. Filecoin Plus – Community Symposium
  10. Develop a Successful Artificial Intelligence Startup Today! Entrepreneur
  11. Algorand Lisbon
  12. Networking Dinner Lisbon
  13. Female Executive Dinner | WEB SUMMIT 2023 Edition
  14. Dreams & Demos: Special Edition GoGlobal — Web Summit 2022
  15. Community Collective IRL
  16. Hub Criativo do Beato open house Lisboa
  17. Meet up Women in Web3 x Stake DAO : Governance in DeFi
  18. Ledger For Developers. Lisbon 2022
  19. Peer-To-Peer Networks Meetup
  20. Lisbon with NEAR. Meetup and Sightseeing Lisbon
  21. Open House | Lisboa Innovation Spots | FABLAB + BIOLAB LISBOA
  22. Women’s Circle Lisbon – 31.10.2022
  23. Open House – Lisboa Innovation Spots
  24. Open House – Lisboa Innovation Spots @ IDEA Spaces – São Sebastião
  26. Best after-party for startup founders at WebSummit 2022
  27. Open Coffee Lisbon Web Summit Special
  28. Unlimint Exclusive Networking Cocktail (During Web Summit 2022)
  29. Trade Mission to WEB SUMMIT 2022
  30. CHANGER CLUB Portugal Session in Lisbon
  31. Websummit 2022 | Ecommerce Meetup for Agencies & Brands
  32. Old Friends Reunion-Sovereign Individual & ZK Odyssey
  33. Born to Build #2
  34. Nevermined Workshop: Powering a new era of Web3 Creative Economies
  35. Raising Capital & Building Web3 Projects
  36. Tapas Food Experience
  37. The History of Africans in Portugal
  38. Fantom Vibe – Lisbon Soiree
  39. The Future of Commerce Brunch
  40. Binance Meetup Lisbon
  41. Digital Spirits of Estonia
  43. How companies and talents can work together for the UX market maturity
  44. IE Alumni get together at Web Summit
  45. Le Wagon Alumnight
  46. São Paulo Day
  47. Grit Daily Fifth Annual Speaker’s and Media Dinner
  48. Exclusive Side Event | WOW Summit Lisbon
  49. Rydoo Terrace Talks @Lisbon
  50. Portugal Tech Hub – Softlanding Summit
  51. Opportunities for Women in Tech: Resilience of the Tech Community
  52. LangOps Universe 2022: Explore Big Bang Multilingual CX
  53. Demo Night Lx by Canopy Community and Falmouth Launchpad
  54. Play the Feeld
  55. PHP Lisbon #3 at VIC Properties / Grupo Confrasilvas
  56. Binance Academy x IST Lisbon
  57. Women in Tech & friends -Dinner: Websummit 2022
  58. Authentic Fado Experience
  59. Agribusiness Conference 2022
  60. Horadrim Friends Gaming Party
  61. Sassy Women Society Conversation | Prototype for Success
  62. Develop a Successful Blockchain Tech Startup Business Today! Entrepreneur
  63. Lisbon Beyond Summit 2022
  64. Meet the Ecosystem in Lisboa
  65. LBANK & Friends
  66. Alberta Investment Forum at Web Summit 2022
  67. Dutch Founders & Directors dinner during WebSummit 2022
  68. WebSummit French Tech Night Out Party
  69. Cocktails with Creators by Kajabi
  70. NL Student Career Networking Event
  71. WOW Summit Lisbon
  72. How to get more women in C-suite roles in tech
  73. Brasil – A Breakthrough in Investments
  74. Web3 Hangout with Q Blockchain: Web Summit Chapter
  75. DigitalOcean Happy Hour
  76. Sixt reasons to work from Lisbon (IT Edition)
  77. Web3 Regulation & Adoption
  78. AETHA Product Premiere | Discover Immersive Well-Being
  79. Web3 user adoption: how can we onboard the next wave of users?
  80. HUMAN Meetup Lisbon
  81. VR/AR Association Portugal Executive Dinner
  82. The Katalest Supper – A Summit Miscellany
  83. Gnosis Ethereum Meetup
  84. FIL x NEAR Happy Hour
  85. Entrepreneur Mastermind Night – by The Nomad Escape
  86. The Bug House 2022
  87. crypto girls club in Lisbon: EAT PRAY WEB3
  88. Builders of Solana Summer
  89. Portugal-Pakistan Innovation Summit 2022
  90. DAO Evening: Building sustainable and scalable DAOs
  91. Cabo Verde Digital — The Journey of a Tech Island
  92. After Hours: What About Collision?
  93. FITCHIN – Ready to Play
  94. The Reg3 Conference
  95. Grants & Breakfast by Partisia Blockchain
  96. Free Solana RPC Endpoint Cafe @ Solana Breakpoint
  97. Web Summit Closing Rave
  98. Web3 Pitch Night @ Agora House. Open to application!
  99. Mome Lisbon: ₿ALLERS CLUB – Solana Breakpoint Side Event


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