Empreende XXI opens applications

Empreende XXI opens applications

Empreende XXI is one of the programs created by IEFP, Institute of Employment and Professional Training, a national public employment service, whose mission is to promote the creation and quality of employment and combat unemployment, through the implementation of active employment and professional training policies.

The Empreende XXI program is aimed at the creation and development of businesses or companies with less than 6 months of activity. If you have a business idea or a company with less than the mentioned activity you can apply from April 3rd until the end of December. To apply you must register with IEFP, even if you have already started activity.

The program thus promises to be an important support for entrepreneurship in Portugal, supporting investments of up to 200 thousand euros with financing of up to 85% (40% of which is non-refundable), both for the implementation of new companies and for the development of companies created less than 6 months ago. 15% of this investment should be equity.

Eligible expenses for Empreende XXI are all investments relevant to the implementation of the business, such as investments in machines and equipment, furniture and other office equipment, investments in computer equipment and software, investments in the area of digital transition (websites, online stores, management and promotion of social networks), expenses with works to adapt facilities, purchase of vehicles (if they are essential for the implementation of the project) and working capital related to the project, up to 50% of the eligible investment.

Promoted jointly by the IEFP and Startup Portugal, The Venture Builder , in addition to being able to support the preparation and submission of applications, you can also benefit from our experience of converting “business ideas” into successful companies. 

The program promoted by IEFP and Startup Portugal relies on the implementation of a set of accredited institutions, being The Venture Builder one of the entities that can support you in the preparation and submission of applications, as well as in monitoring the development of your project.

If you are interested in the program, please register here so we can contact you. Would you like to know more about the program, or other support? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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