Month: April 2023

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Business Etiquette in Portugal

Culture plays a key role in business. Each country has its own norms, habits and rules. When establishing contact with foreign companies it is important to study these differences and understand their etiquette or protocol in order to be successful in the international market. During the week we had Marina Malh√£o-Pereira, secretary-general of the Association…
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The importance of cultural differences in succeeding in the international markets

Local culture and language are important to succeed in any international market.¬†Businesses need to understand the local culture and language to shape their products and services and their marketing strategies. Each country and each culture has its own norms, customs and values, and it is important that startups understand and respect these cultural differences in…
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Softlanding Immersion II

Last week we introduced to you our new Immersion Programs.   The Venture Builder has created programs to make the whole internationalization process simpler and more practical through what we have called Immersion Softlanding.   As we discovered last week, entering new markets is always a new challenge.  Many use a political, economic, social and technological…
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New Startups Law Approved

The new Startups law in Portugal was approved by the Portuguese government at the end of March and promises to bring changes to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. However, what exactly does this law 56 consist of? The diploma proceeds by legally defining the concepts of startup and scaleup, followed by the amendment to the Personal Income…
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