Softlanding Immersion II

Softlanding Immersion II

Last week we introduced to you our new Immersion Programs.   The Venture Builder has created programs to make the whole internationalization process simpler and more practical through what we have called Immersion Softlanding.  

As we discovered last week, entering new markets is always a new challenge.  Many use a political, economic, social and technological (PEST) analysis to get a better assessment of their business climate. This week we will guide you through the 1 to 3 months program. 

The Immersion´s activities are divided into 5 categories:

  • Doing Business: organization of meetings with potential clients, partners and competitors,  engaging on making business on the Portuguese and European way; 
  • Workshops: events in which we will bring market experts, to share their experience and provide you with insights to enter the market, focusing on European and Portuguese Grants like Startup Voucher and ATIVAR
  • Working on Strategy: time to develop your marketing strategy based on the program activities and feedback from the meetings with assistance from our TEAM; 
  • Networking: activities done together with the other local  industry players 
  • Mentoring: private sessions with market experts and our Team- some examples of topics to be talked about include discussing entry strategies, business plan, pricing, marketing and product-fit.

Summing up, with the participation on the Immersion, you will gain a better understanding of the Portuguese (and European) ecosystem and its opportunities; it will attempt to connect you with local ecosystem stakeholders and last but not the least it will break down the ice for “business scaling” at the European level. 

Schedule NOW 30 minutes of free Consulting here so we can explain in detail all the immersion programs. Stay tuned for the next blog article on Immersion Softlanding.

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