New Call Productive Innovation

New Call Productive Innovation

The long-awaited Productive Innovation´s notice of the Portugal 2030 program was finally published. It aims to stimulate business investment of an innovative nature, promoting a change in the specialization profile of the Portuguese economy and strengthening its external competitiveness through differentiation and innovation.

Through this incentive, with support of up to 75% of investment, it is intended to foster the creation of new goods and services, or improve current production. It also aims at the adoption of new or significantly improved manufacturing, logistics and distribution, organizational or marketing processes or methods.

The main beneficiaries of this support are essentially Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that meet the eligibility requirements. Eligible innovative projects are those that propose to develop an initial investment. Being considered innovation projects aimed at product innovation, process innovation and marketing innovation.

Some of the eligible resources in this support are:

  • Machinery and production equipment; 
  • Informatics equipment, including necessary software;
  • Technology transfer through the acquisition of patent rights; 
  • Construction of buildings, remodeling works and other constructions (Industry and Tourism only);
  • Engineering services related to project implementation; 
  • Licenses and technical knowledge not protected by patent;
  • Diagnostics, audits, marketing plans, architectural and engineering projects; 
  • For newly formed companies, there is a 25% equity requirement.

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