{Parças} is a startup participating in The Venture Builder’s Softlanding Europe 2023, a tailor-made program. The startup is a social impact edutech that helps companies develop IT talent from vulnerable socioeconomic groups.

{Parças} believes that a company’s existence should help make the world a better place for all people. Thus, through education and employability in IT it faces challenges to overcome inequalities and enable the construction of a future for people in situations of social vulnerability.

The startup acts according to market logic with a dual objective of generating relevant impact in education and obtaining attractive financial returns, while committing to measure the impact it generates.

The {Parças} business model is characterized by the training of developers with different levels of seniority and the performance evaluation of the hired professional, following the adaptation process with the companies’ teams. It offers three types of hiring modalities: bootcamp, one-time hiring and hiring ticket.

On May 24, {Parças}, will hold a presentation Pitch, in which it will address the theme “Training as Impact Initiatives”. If you would like to learn more about the startup sign up here to attend the Pitch.   
If you want to become a mentor for the startup you can also do so by registering here.

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