GeoInovações is a startup participating in The Venture Builder’s Softlanding Europe 2023, a tailor-made program. The startup is an environtech with customized consulting in mathematical modeling for environmental solutions.

The startup intends to guarantee society’s access to previously contaminated sites, allowing a better quality of air, soil, and underground and surface water, increasing people’s quality of life and longevity.

The startup’s mission is to contribute to the growth of companies in environmental management, adding value to their products, improving the environment and, consequently, people’s quality of life.

Its business model is characterized by the provision of mathematical modeling services for environmental solutions, namely: mathematical modeling of contaminant flow and transport; hydrogeological; 3D geological; and capacity building.

On June 6, GeoInovações will hold a presentation Pitch, in which it will address the topic “How to Measure Environmental Impacts in Society”.If you want to know more about the startup, please register here to watch the Pitch.   

If you want to become a mentor for the startup you can also do so by registering here

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