QTC is a startup participating in The Venture Builder’s Softlanding Europe 2023, a tailor-made program. The startup is a martech specializing in strategy and technology consulting.

The startup is committed to building and implementing great ideas that empower their clients’ businesses and improve their lives through innovative business solutions. By taking advantage of technology they are able to work quickly and create tangible business results. 

Their business model is characterized by turning ideas into impact through human-centered innovation and business strategy delivery. They offer services in strategic innovation, UX/UI, CMO, mobile and web development.

On June 5, QTC will hold a presentation Pitch, in which it will address the topic “The Implementation of Digital Marketing in Startups”. If you want to know more about the startup, please register here to watch the Pitch.   

If you want to become a mentor for the startup you can also do so by registering here.

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