Product-Market Fit in Portugal

Product-Market Fit in Portugal

Even though globalization is the trend, the truth is that every market is different. Consumers have different needs in every corner of the world. To start your project in Europe you need to have a strategy properly aligned with the needs of the European market.

Reaching your customers within the potential 500 million European consumers is a goal that can only be achieved with a structured and realistic plan. In order to best enter Portugal making your product-market fit in Portugal is of fundamental importance. For your startup or company to expand into Europe, The Venture Builder has prepared an agile methodology that increases the chances of success in Portugal and the European Market.

On June 23rd and 28th we will share our methodology with the participants of the Softlanding Europe 2023 program through two workshops. On the 23rd we will address topics such as: market segmentation, positioning, customer profile, SWOT analysis, marketing mix and value proposition. Day 28 is aimed at the validation of business models in Portugal and Europe, validation methodologies, implementation schedule, Critical Success Factors, access and ensuring data confidentiality.

If you are interested in participating in the workshops or learning more about product-market fit in Portugal please contact us. Schedule a 30-minute free consulting meeting NOW here to learn more about our Softlanding programs.

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