Month: July 2023

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Marketing Mix

Following last week’s SWOT analysis that provided the foundation for the formulation of our Marketing Strategy (Strategic Marketing), this week, we will focus on operationalization – the Marketing Mix. The Marketing Mix is nothing more than an Action Plan that materializes the actions formulated by the Strategy. Traditionally, the Marketing Mix is known as the…
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The SWOT Analysis

As mentioned in the previous post, by segmenting the market, we are able to identify target customers and their needs, as well as highlighting the existing market opportunities. The next step is to start the Strategic Diagnosis. With the SWOT Analysis, we identify internal strengths (Strengths) and weaknesses (Weaknesses), and external opportunities (Opportunities) and threats…
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Market Segmentation

After the PESTEL analysis, it’s time to move on to market segmentation analysis. How can segmentation support your internationalization process? Market segmentation is crucial for understanding the needs of target customers and identifying market opportunities. In its execution, it requires correctly identifying segmentation criteria such as demographics, needs, interests, psychographic or behavioral data. With the…
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PESTEL Analysis Portugal – UniĆ£o Europeia

One of the secrets to a successful internationalization process is an essential tool for understanding the market to which we are scaling our project: the PESTEL analysis.  Through PESTEL analysis it is possible to understand the external environment, identifying political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors that may affect the market and your startup.…
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