Month: August 2023

The Venture Builder Blog

PITCH Best Practices

If you have a startup and you’re looking for investors in Europe, you must give a special attention to your Pitch-Deck. This is your main tool to capture focus from European investors and to show them that you have an unique product or service. The Venture Builder´s mission is to provide the necessary/ideal environment to…
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Diagnosis of Internationalization

Last week we focused on the Value Proposition and this week we will wrap it up with an Action Plan supported by a questionnaire.  In the scope of the Softlanding Europe, 2023 Class, over the last 6 weeks, we have been working on the Product-Market Fit with weekly deliverables focusing on PEST Analysis (Week 1); …
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Value Proposition

This week, we’re going to address the importance of the Value Proposition in creating a sustainable Competitive Advantage in the medium and long term. The value proposition is the clear summary of the benefits of the product or service to be “delivered” to the customer, in order to distinguish it from the competition. Through five…
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Differentiation Strategy

After addressing the Marketing Mix in the previous post, we now move on to Differentiation. The Differentiation Strategy is at the basis of the formulation of long-term Competitive Advantage Theory. This approach seeks to position a company in the market in a distinctive way, thus creating a unique value proposition for its products or services…
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