Notice, Call for Proposals – Internationalization through E-Commerce

Notice, Call for Proposals – Internationalization through E-Commerce

Under the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Program, the notice N014/C16-i02/2023 has recently been published regarding “Internationalization through E-Commerce,” as part of Component 16 – Companies 4.0, in the dimension of Digital Transition.

This call aims to encourage Portuguese SMEs to explore new international markets and strengthen their presence through E-Commerce. By promoting the adaptation and expansion of businesses into the online environment, this measure seeks to enhance companies’ competitiveness, stimulate economic growth, and bolster international trade relations.

Furthermore, it aims to provide a unique opportunity for your company to stand out, obtain financial support and specialized resources, and reach new levels of success! Projects have a maximum duration of 12 months from the date of the Acceptance Letter’s signature and must be executed within a maximum of 6 months after the communication of the grant decision.

Within this Notice, minimum thresholds of 10,000 Euros and maximums of 85,000 Euros for eligible expenses have been established. Eligible expenses encompass various types, such as the acquisition of equipment and software directly related to project implementation, or services from third parties, including the creation of online stores, engagement with customers on social media, creation and distribution of digital content, and even paid advertising on search engines.

Costs related to technical personnel directly involved in project implementation are covered, although their competencies in e-commerce and digital marketing must be demonstrated. Prior to submitting the application, the company must have registered for the E-commerce Diagnosis on the Portugal Exporta website. Applications are submitted through a form available on the Funds Portal website. The application period runs from 16/09/2023 to 20/10/2023, remaining open until the limit based on the defined budget allocation is reached.

Internationalization through E-Commerce is an unmissable opportunity for companies looking to expand their operations into the global market. If you aim to grow, enhance your business, and strengthen your international presence, do not miss out on this opportunity.Interested? You can register for our webinar or schedule a 30-minute free consultation.

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