Pilot Project Notice – National Testbed Network

Pilot Project Notice – National Testbed Network

Do you have a product or service and want to enter the market with less risk and more success? Then test and experiment first on the National Test Beds Network!

Portugal is facing the exciting challenge of accelerating its Digital Transition and enhancing the competitiveness of its companies through the National Test Beds Network. With this initiative, the country is opening doors to innovation, promoting the development of new products and services that will drive the economy and sustainability. Companies looking to embrace the digital revolution now have a unique opportunity to participate in this transformative project.

The National Test Beds Network is an initiative aimed at driving technological innovation in Portugal. It is a network of infrastructures and real testing environments that provide a space for the development and experimentation of innovative solutions in various fields. The initiative is being implemented in collaboration with various entities, including C.16 – Companies 4.0, which is fully dedicated to digital transition.

The main objective of this collaborative network is to increase the number of pilot projects for products, whether they are fully digital or require the digitization of processes and tools to be produced. They are considered innovation hubs, operating on a collaborative basis between the companies that operate them and the companies and startups that use the services to experiment and test new products and services.

These “Test Beds” can be highly technological physical spaces or virtual and digital simulation environments. These products should have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) between 5 and 9 and exhibit a strong digital and/or virtual/digital simulation component, aiming for rapid production, industrialization, and commercialization.

These services are primarily targeted at SMEs and startups, providing infrastructure and technological capacity to facilitate development, testing, and accelerate the digital transition process. The network spans a wide range of sectors, from Industry, Agriculture, Construction to Culture, Energy, and Information Technologies. Additionally, an online catalog with suppliers is being created to facilitate direct access to support.

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