Sales Accelerator

Sales Accelerator

In recent times, outsourcing has emerged as an essential tool in business management, regardless of the size of the organization. Instead of relying solely on internal resources, many companies are opting for this alternative approach to address the challenges and opportunities that arise along their journey. In this post, we will explore the various options in which a Sales Accelerator can be a highly advantageous choice for those entering a new market as part of their internationalization plan.

The decision to implement a Commercial Plan can involve significant investments and requires evaluating all associated risks. Critical questions arise: Should we consider hiring external talent, either on a permanent or temporary basis? Or can we engage an outsourcing company?

To expedite market entry and reduce the time-to-market, especially during the entry phase, a company can turn to an external sales expert. You can tailor the level of involvement of this expert and integrate them into your team while maintaining control of the process, or you can opt for a more comprehensive service where a partner takes the lead in the process. This flexibility is one of the advantages of our Sales Accelerator.

The Sales Accelerator is a set of strategies designed to streamline the sales process, typically focusing on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales activities, from lead generation to deal closure.

The services that can be included in the Sales Accelerator range from Needs Assessment to Prospecting and Lead Generation, including strategies for segmentation and positioning, such as targeting specific regions or industry sectors, for example.

The benefits that the partnering company can obtain include lead generation for the Commercial Pipeline, mitigating commercial risk (converting fixed costs into variable costs), and increasing customer retention and loyalty.

In summary, we support the development and execution of your Commercial Plan in the European Market, starting from Portugal. We aim to be “your commercial department” and accompany its implementation on the ground with monitoring and KPIs tailored to your business model.Interested?

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