Coaching 4.0 Programme

Coaching 4.0 Programme

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business? Discover the Digital Revolution with the Coaching 4.0 Programme!

A new funding initiative is about to launch, framed within the national programme for Industry 4.0, aimed at supporting the development of essential processes and organizational skills for digital transformation, and The Venture Builder is the ideal partner to assist you in this journey.

With the goal of providing distinctive services that enhance your company’s digitalisation, The Venture Builder has created the Coaching 4.0 Programme! This programme includes capacity-building activities with thematic workshops and consulting services to digitize current business processes. Additionally, it offers a shared services center in partnership with a data center operator and digital transition centers that cover everything from social media management to marketing automation, among many other benefits.

Why Participate in the Coaching 4.0 Programme?

Three Major Reasons:

1 – Digitize Your Business Processes: Transform how your company operates, making it more efficient and competitive.

2 – Enhance Your Digital Marketing: Reach new customers and strengthen your company’s online presence.

3 – Continuous Training: Participate in workshops and training sessions that will prepare your team for digital challenges.

With an extensive network of partners and a multidisciplinary team, The Venture Builder’s main purpose is to help you obtain a 75% non-repayable grant of up to €10,000, opening the door to your digital revolution!

If you are interested in participating in the Coaching 4.0 Programme, register here!

If you would like to learn more, schedule a meeting:

In English with Carlos.

In Portuguese with Fernanda.

In Spanish with Marlon.

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