The Importance of having an Investment Workflow

The Importance of having an Investment Workflow

At the “The Venture Builder Investors Club”, we are always thinking of ways to improve our members’ experience. In order to do that, we have developed a workflow for investment decision making, which involves not only one person but the club working together. 

When great minds come together, great things happen! When great investors share their knowledge, even greater things happen!

The workflow is quite simple and intends to ensure that the investments we propose to our members have a potential to grow.  So, if you want to propose a collaborative investment for “The Venture Builder ´s Investors Club, follow this workflow:

Step 1: Make sure that your Investment Target meets the criteria set in our Investment Thesis. If the proposition doesn’t coincide, then it is rejected immediately.

Step 2: If the proposition meets our Investment Thesis, then it moves to the second stage of the decision-making process. At this stage, the CEO of the company will make a PITCH to an Investment Committee´s member. He will evaluate the proposal and ALWAYS will provide either one of two feedbacks: If is a NO, which means will not proceed to the next phase, explaining the reasons why. If it is a YES, the investment project will be submitted for approval to the Investment Committee.

Step 3: With the approval of the Investment Committee, the project will then be presented to the Club’s investors by the founding team.

Step 4: A Term-Sheet will be proposed by the Investment Committee, representing the  interested Investors, defining the amount of investment, shareholder percentage and the startup valuation. 

Step 5: At the same time, due diligence (finance, legal, technological, tax, etc.) is conducted and eventually the valuation of the startup is reassessed. If the startup fails to pass the due diligence, it is rejected. 

Step 6: A final investment proposal is sent to the startup, which eventually may affect the startup’s valuation. If the startup accepts the proposal then the investment process is completed.

Step 7: Contracts will be signed up and the money will start to be transferred according to the Roadmap plan approved. 

More steps follow the previous one, but only members of the Venture Builder Investors Club can be part of them.

That said, what are you waiting for being part of this incredible club? Register here!

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