The Role of Ambassadors in The Venture Builder’s Investor’s Club

The Role of Ambassadors in The Venture Builder’s Investor’s Club

The Role of Ambassadors in The Venture Builder’s Investor’s Club

At The Venture Builder’s Investor’s Club, we battle to make informed investment decisions to ensure that our investors can profit from the investments they make. 

So we invited Ambassadors who advise our Investment Committee in its decisions. 

Who are Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are esteemed figures drawn from diverse markets. They represent countries or groups of countries, bringing invaluable insights and perspectives to the table. Their role is pivotal in advising the Investment Committee, offering nuanced understanding of regional dynamics, market trends, and geopolitical influences. By tapping into their deep-rooted knowledge, the committee gains a strategic edge in navigating complex investment landscapes. 

How can the Ambassadors help in the decision making process?

The Ambassadors will be collaborating with representatives from universities, accelerators, incubators, and other forward-thinking companies. Collectively forming the Advisory Board, these entities serve as intellectual powerhouses and innovation hubs. Their inclusion ensures that decisions are not only informed by current market conditions but also by cutting-edge research, emerging technologies, and entrepreneurial insights.

The Ambassadors bring global perspectives and strategic foresight, while the Advisory Board enriches deliberations with specialised knowledge and innovative thinking. Together, they form a cohesive network aimed at maximising investment potential, mitigating risks, and capitalising on emerging opportunities.

As you can see, we are building an unique and reliable Investor’s Club and you can be part of it, by registering here!

If you want to know more about our Investor’s Club or want to be an ambassador? Contact us! 

For English, contact Gagan

For Portuguese, contact Fernanda

For Spanish, contact Marlon

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