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6 high-profile investors joining us at Web Summit

Even in a market downturn, investment remains essential. Meet some of the VCs and investors set to make money moves at Web Summit 2022. In just a few short months, Web Summit 2022 will be welcoming some of the top investors and VCs in the world to speak on stage and share their wisdom and insights. Between…
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What does the future hold for Latin American tech investment?

Why did Latin America experience some of the sharpest increases in VC investment of any region in the last 10 years? And is the multi-country bloc prepared for an economic slump? Latin American companies have been a staple in any investment strategy – particularly in ecommerce and fintech – for a decade. Venture funding in…
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6 crypto experts, investors and influencers at Web Summit 2022

Investment in crypto isn’t just a strategy restricted to those with insider knowledge. People across the globe are diversifying their finances with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other non-centralised digital assets, including NFTs. Ready to join this community? Hear how crypto is facing its challenges at Web Summit. This November we will gather the world’s…
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