Month: January 2023

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The Importance of Startups Ecosystems

It is recognized, even internationally, that Portugal is experiencing an exciting moment in everything related to entrepreneurship and the startup movement. The government has elected the theme as a national priority. The theme has sex appeal and the media amplifies success stories with more than 10 existing unicorns, twice as many as our neighbors. Web…
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Did you know that Portugal ranks 18th in the Green Transition Index?

The environmental performance of 29 European countries was put to the test in seven categories on the Green Transition Index. Portugal stood out positively in the Building and Energy categories, ranking 18th. The country was notable for its use of renewable energy for domestic heating and low per capita electricity consumption. Factors such as the…
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Have you heard about the ATIVAR program? 

With this program almost 100% of the salary costs of a university graduate, being either with a degree, masters or a PHD are covered. ATIVAR, besides promoting the insertion of young graduates into the labor market also provides training and reinforced support for hiring and entrepreneurship. And  the Portuguese Government just opened up a new…
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What to expect in 2023?

The end of any year is traditionally a time of reflection. It’s a chance to take stock and look back on the past 12 months: the successes, the lessons, and the opportunities for improvement.  It has been an unprecedented year but,  2022  was the end of the epidemic and the beginning of the economic recovery.…
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