Portugal- North America Innovation Hub 

Portugal- North America Innovation Hub 

If your startup is in North America and in your roadmap for this year is evaluating the potential of the European Market and its high-income 500 millions consumers, you should not miss the webinar, on this coming February 24th-  “Portugal-North America Innovation Hub”.

“Portugal-North America Innovation Hub”,  aims to attract startups and companies from North America and Portugal to:

– Access the European markets and take advantage of the high-income 500 millions consumers;

– Promote strategic alliances between companies from Portugal and North America that want to develop Open Innovation projects;

– Stimulate Softlanding Programs across Portugal and North America;

– Promote mentorship between Portugal and North America;

– Foster Investments across Portugal and North America.

North-American startups will benefit not only from the low-cost Softlanding Programs (incorporating startups through this program will be done cheaper and faster),  but also from the enormous “European Funds”  to help recover from the pandemic crisis (more than 60 billion Euros to be spent until 2030).  The low-cost Softlanding program is aimed at any kind of startups (seed, early stage, Series A).

Portugal, Canada and United States are united by historical ties, yet there is still a lot of potential to increase its economic ties.

Besides, we will be running an unbeatable promotion pack for those that will be attending!  If you want to know more about this Hub, you can attend our FREE WEBINAR!   Check our web page.  as well.

If for some reason you can not attend , you can either enrol for other webinars or you can apply for the program here.

See you there!

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