+1Code is a startup participating in The Venture Builder’s Softlanding Europe 2023, a tailor-made program. The startup is an edutech that provides technological training for the social and economic development of young people.

+1 Code is a free programming school for low-income people. The startup’s mission is to reprogram by teaching quality tech to low-income youth. Besides training young people into high performance developers, +1Code has a job integration program. Thus, it allows them to learn and soon be inserted in the technological world.

Its business model is characterized by the use of a unique situational method, in which, in an immersive way, students will have the opportunity to work on real projects, identify real problems, and create technological solutions.

On June 5, +1Code will hold a presentation Pitch, in which it will address the theme “Learning to Program with Social Impact”. If you want to know more about the startup, please register here to watch the Pitch.   

If you want to become a mentor for the startup you can also do so by registering here.

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