PESTEL Analysis Portugal – União Europeia

PESTEL Analysis Portugal – União Europeia

One of the secrets to a successful internationalization process is an essential tool for understanding the market to which we are scaling our project: the PESTEL analysis. 

Through PESTEL analysis it is possible to understand the external environment, identifying political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors that may affect the market and your startup. This tool is usually used by marketing professionals to analyze and monitor the macro-environmental factors (external environment) that impact the organization, company or industry.

It is a broad analysis that provides a basis. In this way, it is possible to leave with a solid foundation for the next stages of the internationalization process, since through the knowledge acquired it is already possible to understand the market situation in the various key factors already named. 

In the next phase of the internationalization process, and of the tasks performed by the class of 2023 of the Softlanding Europe Program, a segmentation of their market is performed. Next week this topic will be covered.

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