Lovecrypto is a startup participating in The Venture Builder’s Softlanding Europe 2023, a tailor-made program. The startup is a fintech with the goal of spreading the culture of cryptocurrencies and bringing about a new era of digital payments.

Lovecrypto believes that cryptos are the way to a fairer and more equal society by facilitating transactions between producers and buyers anywhere in the world. The startup’s mission is to transform the digital payments culture through the spread of cryptocurrencies.

Its business model is characterized by using digital payments through crypto-actives, managing to solve international remittance problems and the gross domestic product disparities of some countries by offering speed, reliability, and low payment costs.

On May 23, Lovecrypto will hold a presentation Pitch, in which it will address the topic “The Myths of Cryptocurrency”. If you would like to learn more about the startup sign up here to watch the Pitch.   

If you want to become a mentor for the startup you can also do so by registering here.

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