New Softlanding Immersion Programs

New Softlanding Immersion Programs

Entering in new markets represents, for most of the startups (or companies alike), a completely new and, therefore, unknown world. Each new market is a new political, economic, social, technological, environmental and competitive context.

Each new market brings with it new customers and new consumers, always with different habits from those we know in your “home” market and, in this sense, also brings the need of adapting to this new context. The Decision of Internationalization is not always an easy task but bear in mind that it should take place in a structured way. Your best choice is always to do your “homework” well. Get to know the market implies: Positioning and Market Segmentation, competitors, potential partners. Your goal: to reach a value proposition to meet the specific needs of that market. 

We also call that in the ”startup jargon”: Product- Market Fit. To get on to product/market fit phase, startups need to move to the next milestones:  scale customer adoption, test distribution channels, discover their revenue/unit economics to find profitable customer segments and streamline their business model. Do not forget that the Product- Market Fit stage involves measurement, metrics and never-ending fine tuning. 

The Venture Builder has recently created 3 new Softlanding Immersion programs to help you in your Decision. Our programs are very flexible and will give you everything you need to gain a first insight knowledge of the European markets. 

Suited to your own needs,  we can design programs lasting 1 week, 1 month or even 3 months.  For the 3 and 1 months´s duration, besides the Product-Market Fit, the focus will be the assessment of your PEST country risk. PEST analysis is a strategic analysis that aims to look at all the factors having an impact, or potential impact, on a company, a market, or a country.

For the 1-2 weeks ´s duration, the focus will be bootcamps, with a personalized budget, so that you can gain insights on the local ecosystems as well. 

Our job is to assist you in your Internationalization strategy, taking advantage of the 500 Millions high-income european consumers. 

Schedule now 30 minutes of free mentoring here so that we can explain in detail all the Softlanding Immersion programs available and how you can benefit from them in your Internationalization process.

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