Workshop Startup Portugal – May 16th

Workshop Startup Portugal – May 16th

Portugal has one of the most dynamic ecosystems for startups in the world, and it continues to attract startups from every part of the world. Startup Portugal being a non-profit organization, aims to support the Portuguese Government in the design and implementation of the National Strategy for Entrepreneurship. 

Francisca Sampaio, Program Manager do One Stop Shop from Startup Portugal on the 16.05, is introducing the Business Opportunities Portugal has to offer entrepreneurs both locally and overseas. She will identify why Portugal is a top startup location, and the incentives that are available to help entrepreneurs like you when opening and growing a new business in Portugal. Expanding or relocating your business to Portugal and use it as a springboard to Europe,  can include: 

  • Startup Visa &  Tech Visa
  • Vouchers for Startups
  • Empreende XXI, 
  • Business Abroad
  • Road 2 Web Summit

If you want to know more on why Portugal is becoming an amazing place to kick-off your startup up, make a FREE  appointment with us.

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